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Oh the fun that will be had… Look what is at the gym! #powerathleticsga #crossfit30004 #hardertokill #allthewallballs #kareniscoming #thatlogoisbadass @wwjedo @cfmammahe

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HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! We’ve partnered with Former NFL PRO, Tim Lester, to bring the BEST (in reputation and results) in Speed, Agility and Quickness training to Forsyth County. All on our 2,500+ square foot indoor turf. Enrollment is now open. Classes are limited, so call ASAP to guarantee a spot. 8-18 yrs Sundays 3-5PM Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30-7:30PM

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This needed to get posted again. Again, for the love of all that is good please read this! If you are a female who has ever been out of your house read this. If you are a male who knows a female that has been out of the house in their lifetime please tag them or share this with them. PLEASE!

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CrossFit North Alpharetta offers a nutritional coaching program that focuses on daily habits to help you reach your goals, at your pace! You will meet face-to-face with a certified nutrition coach on a consistent basis, building a relationship with a subject matter expert who cares about your success! If you’d like additional information please contact us: info@CrossFitNorthAlpharetta. com or simply reply to this email.

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On our journey of life and fitness our perspective often forms our beliefs and our beliefs define our actions. However, it is frequently not one big moment of action or inaction which defines who we are or who we are going to become but rather all of the small moments that occur along the journey. Today was a 24″ plyo box in a WOD. What were some of your small moments today? Remember perspective is key. #crossfitnorthalpharetta #hardertokill #fitnessphilosophy #perspective #perspectiveiskey #smallmoments #bigresults

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Heather is working on a Nutrition Certification based on a Master’s Level College course with a college textbook, online lectures and weekly exams. (Precision Nutrition) As she reads these super technical and science-y chapters she is going to simplify and summarize what she feels to be the most valuable concept for YOU, TODAY. After all, what’s the point of all the knowledge if it isn’t easy for EVERYONE to understand and apply…? Lesson 1 Good Nutrition: 1. Energy balance (calories in = calories out) 2. Nutrient density (lots of vitamins and minerals with little calories, like vegetables!) 3. Balances Performance, Health and Body Composition all at the same time (SEE DIAGRAM) 4. Is honest and outcome based (Did you lose body fat/increase muscle mass? Did you lower your cholesterol? …the MEASURABLE) 5. Is sustainable (a lifestyle, not a fad) Does 90% of your food choices accomplish the above? If not, determine your limiting factor and work on improving that one area of your life.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016: two rounds, each for time; rest amply between rounds: 25x bar-facing burpee then, deadlift 3-3-3 Compare results to October 28, 2014.

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CF Balance Endurance Group page to everyone who hasn't visited! This is Brandon Petelin's group and its a great resource! All 3 CF Balance weekly workouts are posted here (also on the CF Balance Endurance blog and shared on Facebook too). If you are not a member, check it out below:

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MARK THE DATE AND EMAIL TO RESERVE A SPOT! CrossFit Balance Running Clinic- Led by our Endurance Coach, Brandon Petelin When: Wednesday, October 12th at 6-7pm- TC Rooftop at Thomas Circle What: Introduction of form/efficiency through relevant drills. Discussion to be adapted to group in a Question/Answer forum (encompassing programming, benefits of endurance training, and nutrition, and racing) *CF Balance members and limited to 20 people. Email to reserve your spot.

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Get ready for Week 3 of the CF Balance League. We will be holding at Thomas Circle. The first workout kicks off at 1pm! Be ready to warm-up and be briefed at 12:50! Bring friends! If the weather isn't nice, we will all hang for some spike ball afterwards in the studio! A bit about Caroline Larson's (representing "Let's Talk about Flex Baby") thoughts on the CF Balance League below: 1. What movements are you hoping to see this week? A relay style ski erg combined with overhead squats 2. If you guys got to pick one CrossFit Games athlete to join your team, who would you pick? Dan Bailey...I have a crush on him! 3. How would you guys celebrate if you won the league? Fun stuff...booze and dancing :) 4. What is your ideal celebration meal? I am a sucker for great Italian food 5. What have you guys enjoyed most so far? I have really enjoyed it...I realize that I am more competitive than I care to admit during class so this competition has been good for me to get back in competition-mode.

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We were privileged to host a blood AND toy drive yesterday and we were overwhelmed with support from friends and family within the Houston CrossFit community for #AvaWillWin . There is no greater feeling than having one of the phlebotomist's walk into our facility and tell us they have run out of supplies to take any more blood. At this moment in time we still had folks signed up and willing to donate. BEHEMOTH thank you to coach Leah Shullenberger for putting on such an awesome event and to all of the Behemoth members and Houston community that donated their blood, their money and their time to spending the day with us to make a difference. #avawillwin #donate #savealife

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Our coaching and results are proven! You can read more here ( and here ( and here ( Email us at to get started--we cannot wait to hear from you!

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We wanted to take a second and welcome Matt Anderson to the IM family as our in-house Physical Therapist. Dr. Anderson will be at our Downtown location this Thursday at 5:30pm to host a mobility & stability clinic that is open to all members AND non-members. Check him out here:

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This is what happens when you're a teen with a rare day free and a dad who owns a gym. #tjsgym #tjsgyms #fitnessforall #community #nextgeneration #itsgoodforher

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Just like we have correct mechanics on how to squat, deadlift and press there are mechanics to running. Enter the Pose Method. The Pose Method of Running is basically the most efficient way to run. Who knew there was a correct way? Basically there are three concepts of the Post Method which take a ridiculous amount of practice, but leads to much more efficient and safe movement.

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Fun day helping out with teh "Alarm Bells and Kettle Bells" competition on the USS Midway today. Final Standings below: 1 Charlie Kilo 2 Gong Show 3 El Cajon PD 1 4 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde 5 Young men 6 Perkis Power 7 Double D 8 Chair Force Fit 9 Poseidon Athletics 10 Canadian Pinapple 11 Blue Gainz Matter 12 We lift more than we make 13 Hell Bent 332 14 Admin Warriors 15 Team Underdogs 16 SDPD's Finest 17 ECPD Team 2 18 Team Vision 19 Flight Deck Beast 20 Pancake Addicts Team Ram Rod Natural Disasters

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If you didn't make it this Saturday morning, remember to join us next Saturday October 1st for our free community work out! Looking forward to seeing both new and old faces!

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Jenn F. #alisocrossfit

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We just paid our affiliate dues. That makes 6 years helping people improve their lives through CrossFit. It all started in a little garage and has organically grown from a passion to help other people get more out of life through breaking a sweat and lifting heavy barbells. We’ve come so far, but we’ve still got so far to go; more people to help and a whole community to positively influence.

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Just relaxing between some push-ups. #developyourself #liftstrongandprosper #cfnbfam

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Airborne #alisocrossfit

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If you're debating whether to be at the WOD this morning, Kettlebell will be there to motivate you! #DoTheHardThings

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The WOD today is pretty awesome, take a look!

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Saturday: FALL PAINSTORM 400 meter Run 10 Burpees 20 Shoulder Presses 45#/35# 30 OHS 45#/35# 40 Jumping Pull ups 50 Thrusters 45#/35# 60 Box Jumps 70 Push Presses 45#/35# 80 Floor Presses 45#/35# 90 Hang Power Snatches 45#/35# 100 Air Squats 400 meter Run

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Stacey crushing front squats in today's WOD! WOD: For Time: 27-21-15-9 Row (Cal) Back Squat 95/65 Double Under Front Squat T2B Push Press

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09/23/16 DTLA-ELITE WOD... It's a spicy one folks! #DTLAElite #TrojanAthletics #TrojanCrossfit #Crossfit #Fitness #BeastBuilder #FranAsPunishment #Frantasy #Frantic #AndCindyToon #CleanAndJerk #SurvivalOfTheFittest

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Friday, Sept. 23rd WOD: A. Strength: Find 1RPM OHS B. 17 Min AMRAP of: 5 Box Jumps 24/20 (Rx+ 30/24) 10 KBS 24/16 (Rx+ 32/24) 15 Sit-Ups (Rx+ GHD)

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CrossFit. For anyone, and everyone. WOD 09/22/16: A) 5RM Weighted Pull up B) 5RM Weighted Push up (CHEST TO GROUND) C) 10-9-8-7...1 HSPU KBS (70/53) Weighted Push Up (45/25) #TrojanAthletics #TrojanCrossfit #Crossfit #Fitness #Warriors #WarriorsComeOutToPlay #DTLA

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#epic is right! Part A) Back Squat Party 0:00-3:00 4 reps at 70% 3:00-6:00 3 reps at 75% 6:00-9:00 2 reps at 80% 9:00-12:00 1 rep at 85% WOD: 10 min AMRAP Buy in 100 DU 5 Muscle Ups 10 Burpees #vaultcrossfit #banditnation #squats #muscleups #gymnasty #shortandsweet #burner #workout #trainhard #getonupthere #workthoserings #vannuys #shermanoaks #bestboxever

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Coach Carey Kepler knew she wanted to help people get more out of their lives, be active, and be healthy since she was a sophomore in college. In 2005 she joined forces with her younger brother, Jeremy Thiel, and they set out to "Build a Fit Community" through their gym, CrossFit Central. Since that time Carey has competed at The CrossFit Games five times, completed the IRONMAN race, run an ultramarathon, and has helped thousands of people realize their potential, set goals, and achieve them. Carey is a wife, mother, business owner and champion. To read her full story and find out what she does for fun click the link below! CrossFit Centreal Co-Founder, Coach Carey Kepler

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Thursday, September 22 -

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WOD for Thursday 9/22: Skill/Strength: Pull Ups (part 2) and Goal Work WOD - 12 min AMRAP of 5 Front Rack Lunges (75/55) (+95/65) 5 High Hang Muscle Cleans (75/55) (+95/65) 5 Hand Stand Push Ups Cash Out: 30 Burpees, 150 Sit Ups, #22Kill

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Burn WOD for Thursday 9/22 14 min AMRAP of 300m Run 20 Goblet Squats 20 Russian Swings 20 Dips *2 min Rest 10 Min EMOM E-In & Outs / Donkey Kicks O- Swimmers / Mtn. Climbers *1 min Rest 5 min AMRAP 7 Burpees 15 SDHP

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Matt knows that an injury is no excuse to skip the gym. #vaultcrossfit #banditnation #noexcuses #strongereveryday #workyourweakness #athlete #inspiration #motivation #humpday #trainhard #workyourworkout

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Last weekend I went to Trader Joes in search of limes because I saw this amazing recipe online that looked delicious. It was a raw avocado and lime tart. But, when I arrived at Trader Joes I couldn't find one lime. I asked the store clerk and he said he might have a few. He then brought me two ugly limes. [ 397 more words ]

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Why do we think of ourselves as your best resources for health and fitness.......

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Rainy days in SoCal are nice every once and a while ☔️#crossfitcounterculture #vista #carlsbad #oceanside #socal #crossfit

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Wednesday's WOD is up on the blog. Also, make sure to sign up for our BFB fundraiser WOD! It's gonna be a great time raising money for a wonderful cause. Pick a friend to do the WOD with in the Team division or go solo! Prizes will be given to the top finishers in all divisions!! Click on the link below to sign up!

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Suns out guns out!!!

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Be like these parents...... Set aside the 1 hr class..... Just for you. We promise, you won't regret it.

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Can not stress the importance of a proper diet.

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Unbelievably proud of this guy!

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"The ultimate is not to win, but to reach within the depths of your capabilities and to compete against yourself to the greatest extent possible. When you do that, you have dignity. You have the pride. You can walk about with character and pride no matter in what place you happen to finish." -Billy Mills, Olympic gold medalist

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"Iron sharpens Iron". Guys need to be surrounded by other guys! Join Coach Jon for men's night this Wednesday at Puyallup Foursquare church in downtown Puyallup! FREE food and fellowship! Meet at the gym at 6:30pm to carpool or follow to the church!

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South Sound CrossFit is now offering a 15% discount for Students! Please check out our schedule and rates page at:

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Barbell Club has 1 spot left and its filling up FAST! Inquire TODAY so you don't miss out.

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Did you know there are multiple variations of the Push Up??? We help you find the right variation for you- every day- every class- and on every movement. NO matter what level you are at, we help you along the way. #strongertogether #community

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Brian Sciera does The Matterhorn! #switzerland #jaggedtoothmonster #therealbriansciera

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Workout of the day for Tuesday, September 20. Partner up for a row :) When they are rowing, you are squatting, push-upping, stretching, etc… Use this time wisely and prep for the rest of the class. Skills and Drills - Overhead Squat Pick a partner that will use similar weight and then over the time allotted, work up to a heavy but doable Overhead Squat. Start with multiples at the same weight and as it gets heavier, do less reps so long as you keep the same awesome form. Metcon(s) Rounds for Time (Pick a number of rounds for yourself and stick with it. Should be around 12 Minutes) 5 Strict Pull-Ups 10 Alternating Pistols 15 Sit-Ups

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#preteens #crossfit #crossfitanacortes #loveit❤️ #strong #rowing #boys #boom